Basic features

Admin features

Installing Enabler Creating Custom Data Loading Templates
Logging in to Validating Dependent Picklists
Importing Data from Reports          Analyzing Page Layouts
Importing Data from using SOQL Determining Field Utilization
Pulling Data From Multiple Related Objects Converting Page Layouts to VisualForce
Creating New Records in Salesforce Merging Accounts, Contacts, and Leads
Updating Existing Records in Salesforce Uploading Multiple Related Records in One Shot
Upserting Data in Salesforce Scheduling Automated Data Refreshes
Deleting Data in Salesforce  
Mass-uploading Attachments to Salesforce  
Mass-uploading Files to Salesforce  
Mass-downloading documents from  
Using record names instead of Ids in Id and Lookup fields  
VBA Interface  


I switched to Lightning Experience and reports stopped working for me
I used to have the Enabler tab in my Excel ribbon, but now it's gone
I downgraded/reinstalled Microsoft Office and Enabler stopped working
My Get Data (or Update/Insert/Upsert) Dialog Box Is Visible in Windows Toolbar, but I Can't Bring It Forward
I'm using Professional Edition, can I use Enabler?
Where do I find Security Token?
What Do I need to select when inserting/updating/deleting records?
What if my data is filtered in the spreadsheet?
I'm having proxy issues
What is the maximum amount of records I can work with?
I paid for my license, but the tool is started to show a trial nag box again


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