In version -
  • Multiple value columns can now be linked to an Id column thus making it possible to lookup several data points when looking up records in Salesforce using Salesforce Id Lookup feature
  • If a sheet is linked to a Salesforce report, Template Editor now shows the report name instead of id.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements




In versions -
  • It is now possible to temporarily change the filters when running a report.
  • You can specify whether to insert/delete cells in the spreadsheet when refreshing data.
  • Speed and stability enhancements.





In versions
  • CRITICAL UPDATE! If you installed or upgraded to version, please immideately update to the most recent version. We've discovered and fixed a very critical issue in the previous release that may affect the way data is loaded into Salesforce.
  • You can now edit report filters directly from Enabler4Excel!



In versions
  • Smart drag-and-drop of fields into the query box is now supported in the Get Data dialog (SOQL Query).


In versions
  • You can now use the data pulling function (Get Reports and SOQL) of Enabler4Excel FREE for unlimited time! They will be available even after your 30-day trial expiration.


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