G-Connector Lite

Providing your Users with Secure and Hassle-free Salesforce Connectivity

With the introduction of G-Connector Lite we are addressing the most common security concern all our customers have – how to provide the efficiency of working with Salesforce.com data from a Google Sheet to all users in an organization at the same time ensuring the integrity of data. By turning on G-Connector Lite for your users the company administrator remains in full control of what the users can or cannot pull from Salesforce or push back to it: The administrator sets up the connection between a Google sheet and report or SOQL query in Salesforce thus defining what data the users of G-Connector Lite will be able to pull from Salesforce. The administrator defines all mappings for a Google sheet using G-Connector templates, ensuring that only certain data fields will be available for upload to Salesforce. With correctly setup templates, interacting with Salesforce from Google Sheets becomes a breeze for all users:

  • A user opens the spreadsheet they intend to work with.
  • A single click on Refresh Current (or All) will pull the relevant data from Salesforce.
  • A single click on Push to Salesforce will push the data in the sheet to Salesforce based on the settings pre-defined for that sheet by the administrator in the associated template(s).