Enabler Personal Edition

Enabler is your ultimate solution for working with Salesforce.com data.

When it comes to working with data, the ubiquity of Excel is hard to beat. It provides tons of shortcuts for modifying, reporting and representing data, so it is only natural to augment the powers of Salesforce with usability of Excel. Enabler4Excel does just that – provides tools to pull data from Salesforce, work on it in Excel, and push it back with one click – no CSV files, no hassle, and you have all the amazing tools of Excel right at your fingertips: pivot tables, charts, formulae, lookups, etc.

Convenient – download and use right away

No need to request a demo or even pick up your phone. Installation and setup only takes couple of minutes, and it is so intuitive and easy to use, that, as one of our users put it, if you know Excel – you know Enabler. You would be able to start working on your data immediately.

Enormous time savings – snap updates and data migration

Once installed, go to E4E tab in your Excel ribbon, log in with your Salesforce ID and click "Get Data". It took us longer to type that sentence up than to have your real-life data appear on your screen in a familiar Excel UI. And if you step away from your desk, there is no need to pull all the data again once you're back - click "Refresh" and it gets updated instantly! Our users report increased productivity and saving hundreds of work hours a year by being able to:

  • Pull any Salesforce Report (click on Reports button).
  • Pull any data using Salesforce.com SOQL (no coding required).
  • Insert, Update, Delete, or Upsert up to 1 million records.
  • Convert up to 1 million Leads in one go.
  • Work offline and push data back once connected.
  • Eliminate manual file routing.

Once you're done, simply send you modified data back to Salesforce in one click. And if you have several logins, E4E keeps them for you so switching between accounts is easy.

Looking to be able to merge Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and access other admin features? Check out Enabler Enterprise Admin.